Keratin straightening hair at home: reviews, photos

Without a doubt, many women have heard of straightening hair keratin. The experts claim that after a session of the curls in order to grasp the strength and the density. Also, it will be more healthy. This adjustment is a real magic wand for girls-dandelions. We try to understand if it is so?

keratin hair restoration

What is keratin straightening and the essence of this method

Are you a fan of a variety of hairstyles? Always a right curls, use a hair dryer? Of course, all of this will ruin the natural structure a little at the place. With each application the thermal shutter and make the hair weakened and fragile. Then straightening keratin perfect solution for You. It will make Your locks to new healthy and strong, it will give the natural shine and softness. Currently, this type of rectifying the safest and most effective among all the possibilities. The treatment with the keratin not only restore the upper structure of damaged hair, but also the active composition penetrates down to the roots of the hair and completely locks healthier. This cosmetic intervention in each case will help you achieve perfectly smooth wires, and this does not depend on the degree of damage.

Because the procedure is so useful and also miraculous? In this mass, which will cause the hair, are exclusively of natural ingredients. Of course, keratin is a key substance. First of all, in the natural composition of keratin amino acids, which are essential for cuticle care. In this way, the curls have missing their components. Also locks to absorb zinc and vitamin B6, which will make them strong.

To learn proper hair keratin straightening hair?

Straightening with the restore you can do on all types of hair. Especially often resort to it for the girls:

  • Dry and/or fragile;
  • Separate them after colouring hair strands;
  • Curls, which have undergone a permanent or adjustment;
  • Fluffy curly hair;

In addition, the keratin works the same on all hair types: african, european and asian. Many stars of world level has already managed to transform with the help of this type of adjustment. Known to all Rihanna first went with african curls. Also Lily Collins and Knowles, nature has given the window type.

The advantages and disadvantages

Non-application of the keratin, there are pros and cons. In the positive properties so we will not go in depth, since they are all listed in the paragraph No1. Remember the main: makes hair smooth, nourishes and protects all hair. It is also possible to forget the bad effect is electrifying. In addition, the keratin is tips. The molecules of keratin that penetrates into the structure of the hair shaft and glued all scales.

In a row, with the positive aspects, treatment, it is possible to note the significant disadvantages. Focus on the main points:

  • Formaldehyde is a substance that include in its composition of many cosmetic products. It has the property to accumulate in the body, and his remains are then negatively on the health of the body. However, the products of the United states say that they do not contain this component. However, some manufacturers secretly use formaldehyde.
  • Also the composition of other funds for the treatment includes other chemicals, which are banned in Europe and the united States, but for the internal market in their crowded;
  • Incredibly high price. Of course, it depends on the choice of the salon and brand of funds;
  • After grinding for 3 days worth of to be very careful with curls: you can not wash your hair, use hair clips, rubber bands and other things that can make curved filaments;
  • After the session it is not excluded that the loss of volume;
  • Requires particular care, which will occupy a bit more time.

There are two types of treatment for hair: the brazilian and the american. The process and the tools of both different ways, and each has its positive and negative aspects.

Brazilian straightening

For the brazilian way of taking beauty products, which includes a protein called keratin. This type of procedure, it is good that it takes place without a uniform toxic substances. Brazilian serum is made exclusively from natural ingredients. However, the concentration of active substances in it than the american one, and then the therapeutic properties are not effective. This adjustment very gently and with care it works by relaxing the cuticles so the keratin penetrates deep into the matrix of the hair.

The disadvantages include the heat treatment of the wires. The fact is that for the brazilian straightening is necessary, not at a low temperature, under the influence of which the keratin rennet and rooted hair. After the application, tools and drying times, use a special plate, pre-heated to 235 degrees. Their care for each hair strand from 3 to 8 times. The whole procedure lasts about 2 hours.

in direct grinding

The procedure is suitable for any hair type, and not have to wait long for the result: the hair becomes smooth and shiny! The effect after the brazilian keratin adjustment will be held 4-5 months.


American and brazilian way to straighten your hair works much the same way. The difference consists in the fact that for an american is allowed in the course of the serum without formaldehyde. Accordingly, this serum is eco-friendly and does not damage the health. Natural keratin, which is the composition of special shampoo nourishes and more healthy hair. Women with fragile locks, it is worth to pay attention to this option. After treatment the keratin hair will have a healthy glow, and the structure of the rape of the lock will be perfectly straight.

The disadvantages are that it is one of the most expensive beauty procedures, and the effect persists for only 2-3 months. After treatment, the wire, whip tips will be visually obvious. In addition, this method will make the hair mirror-shiny, but you lose volume. The alignment procedure lasting about 3 hours.

How to do the procedure at home: step by step instructions with photos

Keratin straightening can be done at home. Of course, in the lounge of the owners of unruly hair procedure will be much more effective and safer. If You are going to make yourself, first of all prepare the land. First, what is it worth to buy vouchers for special vehicles with natural composition. They are usually more expensive, but so Is protecting yourself from the harmful effects of chemicals.

You'll also need:

  • Professional shampoo and deep cleaning. It is 100% rid the hair and scalp from residue of any cosmetics;
  • Natural blend of keratin. Can buy the global. It includes various vitamins and other proteins. These components will lead to the exclusive use;
  • Sprayer. He will help you to uniformly apply the funds for the entire length curls;
  • Hair straightener (ceramic coating does not hurt). The most important thing – the heating temperature of over 200 degrees. Otherwise the keratin to the point of support;
  • Hair dryer to dry/installation;
  • Gloves medical, capacity, comb with a tooth comb, comb for dyeing, hair stylists terminals.

Let's move directly to the process. The first thing to do – wash your hair with shampoo with deep cleansing. We recommend that you do this two times, and as carefully as possible. In this way, you're sure to get rid of all types of contaminants. After removing moisture with a towel, take a hair dryer, but do not dry until the end. Then comb with the care of the hair and divide them into chunks of 3-4 cm, You should fix the clip to the case is not coming to light.

So, the first step is done. We pass now to the most important moment. Pour in a jar of keratin. Its volume is proportional to the length curls of 1:3. Pour on the hair. do not apply a mixture of less than 1 cm of the scalp. Also, with him not to exaggerate: a small quantity that does not saturate the hair, and all spent force going into the abyss, and too big – oversaturate and make your hair greasy. After a little comb. Keratin keep in filaments 10-15 minutes. Then dry with a hair dryer on cold.

The third and final step is the alignment. Preheat the iron to 230 degrees. Start to level off with small strands of a width of 1 cm, and then gradually wider. For every hair walks 5-8 times. At the end comb hair gently. At home, the conditions of installation requires up to 4 hours of Your time.


Despite all the beneficial properties of the keratin, there are a couple of contraindications to its use. The most significant of the less – formaldehyde. Does not say, but also if in minimum amount, is, in part, bought keratin serum. Do not pay attention to strong statements, that the procedure will take place without this component is only a publicity stunt. Formaldehyde is dangerous because, being present in the body, the substance can cause headache. The worst thing is the deterioration of activity of the central nervous system. In addition, there is the possibility of adverse effects on vision. Because of these disappointing-sided treatment, the pregnant and nursing women, the procedure is absolutely forbidden. The people with oncological diseases also better not do so.

In other situations the alignment is not smoking those who have diseases of the skin of the head or of any scratch. It would be better to go to a dermatologist and can check the sensitivity.

beautiful hair

The consequences and possible damages

Throughout the world popular keratin alignment. Beauty salons offer this service, promising that curls will look healthy. This procedure is effective really lies a protective layer for damaged wires. The hair of the essential components to be useful. Of course, these aspects of alignment good. But it is worth pondering, and the harmful effects. In addition to the fact that it is the external impact on the hair may undermine Your health, ha and other unexpected and even conflicting properties. For example, high-temperature well does not improve the condition of the hair.

In addition, they must be washed frequently to the head, as a result of a loss of volume, sebum penetrate the hair. This leads to a bad appearance, and not to a beautiful and long flowing hair. From this home to care for your hair becomes more difficult and requires more strength. There are balms or professional tools here will not help you! But on the other hand, locks very docile and dazzling-bright. It was not what you were looking for?

The right care after the procedure

What to do next? Of course, after the treatment, you must follow certain rules, to leave the effect the strands of hair. The first and most important – do not wash your head for three days. After you choose a shampoo without sulfates, so the quantity of keratin will remain the same. Also, giving up in this period, the use of special funds for the styling of the hair. Also, avoid hairpins, and not to have broken or wavy. Try the less possible to dry it with a hairdryer wire, so it Is out of time, save restore the structure of damaged hair.

The advice and suggestions of the experts

Of course, every woman wants to keep the effect after the procedure for a longer time. The specialists there are little tricks that we have gathered for You. The shell does not happen unless you use a hair dryer and shampoo with sulfates. Also give preference hair brush natural hair, she will not make locks fragile. Also, it's not worth to go in a sauna or have contact with salt water.