The experience of using Hair Megaspray

Your history with us has shared Kleio from the city of Livadia (Greece). The girl told of how, with spray Hair Megaspray she is able to return the beauty and health of their hair.

Since I was a child I had really nice hair. The hair was lumbar, in a circumference of more than 10 cm For the parties, it is always done curls – all were happy. Soap head the easiest way shampoo, mask and lotion, I didn't know dried hair dryer in the mode hot, and everything was perfect.

The beginning of my horror

With the passing of time, the hair structure is changed, with the result that they have become loose, dull and dry. I have the global value has not betrayed him, it simply became gathered up in a pony tail and cut half the length, as well as for split ends, curls, seemed, to use a euphemism, is not much. With time, the hair of steel is what they fall, and just pour a little bit if not the whole hair strands on the head. After 8 months I realized that it is not a seasonal problem, and I already have decent receding hairline stainless steel виднеться not only where of division, but also on the forehead and behind the ears. In the house I went to the veil as the hair was in the round. Then I wondered departure.

That I only with the hair I did not do that. Beginning with folk remedies (masks based on onion, eggs and bread), then is passed on to the trucks options (piperita mask, shampoos without sulphates, conditioners, etc.), I have ordered various oils, professional masks, vibrations, crystals – all this in a single copy, as well as have been thought, that in particular, this tool is not only appropriate, but the same from another company and in another bottle, necessarily, will do the miracle and my hair would have been the same. The periods came the despair, and at times I with new force was starting to treat the residues of their hair. Bought it all from the shelves of shops, and a lot of things ordered from abroad via the internet.

So it lasted about 2 years, how much money and nerves during this time I have wasted, just remember I do not even want. I have come to what it has represented in the photo attenuation balding with the help of Photoshop. Friends already with a firm voice, that I needed a doctor, and a bit if not by force dragged by a specialist. After the visit, the doctor told me that the problem is not the games, that presumably I do not have the malfunction of the endocrine system, and then she sent me for the delivery of hormones. I was sure that here from me everything is in place, as well as the loss of hair is virtually nothing (perhaps it was a sort of tiredness and headaches, but this one has me tied to the surge on-the-job).

In general, are come of my results of the analysis, and anything good in them there was no. Endocrinologist diagnosed – hypothyroidism, has appointed hormone replacement therapy and told me that it will all, once normalized, the level of thyroid hormones. After a 3-month course of tablet-taking any change that has not arrived. Then I changed my doctor, and he advised me to do another test for iron, iodine and selenium. It was discovered that I have a deficiency of all these nutrients. In general, I drank the pill, to compensate for the lack of, and the hair as they are released and have continued to fall and break, and the appearance of them, also in the queue was disturbing.

How did you find the spray Hair Megaspraythat has saved my hair

A month later, I again passed the exams – all the values were within the norm, all the drugs I have canceled and was advised to wait, they say, the hair recovery. But wait I didn't want to, yes, and once you already been to wait, because I'm afraid of a morning wake up bald. I started a poll on the forum, where there were a lot of girls with a similar problem, and one of the participants told me to try to spray Hair Megaspray. He said that she has helped me a lot, when, after the birth of the child is also very hair began to fall. Well, I had nothing to lose, so I decided to try it.

What was the happiness comb and see pieces of hair on the brush. During the cleaning is not the most represented several times crossed it with a damp cloth on the rug, to collect before the hair and then vacuum. In the bathroom were not a clogged pipe, to walk home with his hair. In general, curls stopped falling.

Then I began to feel balding and will remain, and the new hair will not grow on these places. So I have already started to take a closer look at the procedure when the scalp make the injections, to wake up dormant hair follicles. But fortunately, to me has not liked. After a month of use it became clear that the hair grow, and also very quickly. He measured the growth of approximately 2.5 cm per month, which is also very nice. In general, since then a year has passed, a lot of hair is completely recovered, and what is most important is not only the quantity but also the quality of the hair is the same. Now, of course, my hair is riva, inexpensive shampoo, not mine, on hydration and nutrition I forget. But I remember perfectly that has saved me is spray Hair Megaspray.

The experience of the use of Hair Megaspray

I know that many girls suffer from these problems, so I decided to write her story. Of course, it is worth to visit the doctor, as well as the loss of often associated with problems of an internal nature, but as you can see, even after their hair removal themselves are not recovered, are in need of an assistant. Hair Megaspray well as the fall, and accelerates growth. I recommend to all!