Hair Megaspray Spray

Characteristics of the application to Hair Megaspray

One of the most important reasons why is it worth to buy this tool, is the ease of use. The only natural medication natural composition is available in the form of a convenient spray bottles. This form of release allows you to use one spray at any time in any place. The tool does not spot items in the wardrobe, and the regulator releases such a quantity of liquid, which is sufficient for a single application. A small bottle you can put in your bag and bring with you to any place (a trip for work, travel, visiting relatives, places, etc). This tool does not require a long, complex and gradual hair loss treatment. To achieve the desired result it is sufficient to apply the contents of the vial on the roots of the hair once a day for 4-5 weeks.

How to properly apply spray Hair Megaspray

Together with the same spray Hair Megaspray in the box are the directions for the use of this drug. To solve the problem of baldness, strengthen hair, to intensify their growth, for feeding the follicles with valuable vitamins and minerals, but also to guarantee lightness, and saturation curls, it is necessary to observe the following recommendations:

  • shake the bottle well;
  • spray the contents in a dry (or slightly damp), in advance of washing your hair;
  • do light massage movements with your fingers for 5 to 10 minutes;
  • wrap your head with a plastic wrap or in a plastic bag, and the top of the league a handkerchief or towel;
  • after 1 hour wash the head under running warm water using shampoo or hair gel;
  • dry the hair, after which you can style your hair.

If you are treating the beard to improve the growth of hair, to create the "greenhouse effect" is not necessary – in this case, just spray on the roots of the curls and rinse the instrument through 1 hour.